NEW Ethos Webcast Series – “Using Innovative Systems In The Management Of Plus Size Individuals” by Anita Rush

Using Innovative Systems In The Management Of Plus Size Individuals” with Anita Rush

  • 19th May: Part I – Evidence Based Practice of Plus Size Individuals
  • 27th May: Part II – Risk Management of Plus Size Individuals
  • 9th June: Part III – Complexities of Plus Size Management

Anita Rush

M.Sc Health Ergonomics, Dip Health Care Studies, SRN, Clinical Lead and Clinical Nurse Specialist Equipment   

Anita is a highly experienced Clinical Lead Nurse Specialist for equipment provision across Berkshire. The role generates many complex patient assessments: including tissue viability, postural management, seating and manual handling for the population of Berkshire and beyond, especially in the field of Plus Size Management.

Anita has developed a competency-based training and education programme that enables a proactive approach to risk management.  Sourcing solutions for patients with complex needs is difficult, but with good outcomes and you see an improvement in the patient’s quality of life then it is all worthwhile.

Anita has lectured for the Disabled Living Foundation, published a number of articles, has presented at many national and international conferences on the management Plus Size Individuals. Anita also delivers bespoke Plus Size Training sessions for Health and Social Services within the UK including Ireland.

Anita has co-authored two publications: Chapter 12, in ‘The Guide to the Handling of People, a Systems Approach’ – 6th edition reprinted May 2013, published by Backcare the charity for healthier backs and in collaboration with the National Back Exchange. The second publication ‘Moving and Handling of Plus Size People – an illustrated guide’ was published by the National Back Exchange in 2013.

Anita is a member of the National Back Exchange and Regional Chair and Legislation Representative on the National Association of Equipment Providers Council.