Direct Healthcare Group offers a wealth of experience in the manufacturing and supply of specialist pressure area care products. As a result of the Clinical and Design teams’ knowledge and expertise, we have the required skill levels and understanding to offer a quality equipment audit function. With specific experience in auditing pressure care foam mattresses within large NHS Trusts, our Audit Teams have conducted professional evaluations on tens of thousands of pieces of equipment.

With raised infection control awareness and concerns over patient safety, itʼs crucial to offer peace of mind to all management and nursing staff, in order to provide a safe standard of equipment used to support the whole caring function.

Equipment audits, particularly those involving patients still within the immediate vicinity of the products requiring full evaluation, need to betreated with sensitivity. There has to be an area of discretion when identifying potentially ‘failed or faulty’ equipment within close proximity of patients under care. Our teams are professionally trained to deal with this and apply a verbal coding system when conducting the audit process. This allows only the trained staff (and of course NHS staff or others briefed in our techniques) to be aware of the exact status of equipment.

Our ‘pre planning’ visits allow our Audit Managers to meet the key personnel involved within the auditing process. We will then evaluate all of the sites involved within the audit (often multiple hospitals or nursing home groups) including infection control preventative measures whilst on site, access and security points to name but a few key areas.

Equipment auditing is a demanding job requiring a vast amount of planning and administration time required on completion. We offer a service that incorporates all of this and more without you having to give it a second thought. Simply give us a call and we can arrange for our Audit Manager or local Business Development Manager to discuss our range of services.

In most instances, Direct Healthcare Group offers this service at a vastly reduced rate to new customers. Alternatively, should customers decide to purchase any required products on completion from our range of specialist equipment, then this service is provided absolutely FREE.