Being in poor health can dramatically reduce our ability to move, leading to further health complications and slower recovery. At Direct Healthcare Group, we recognise that movement is vital to our recovery, rehabilitation and independence. We believe that supporting mobility and independence is essential to achieving and maintaining good health.

No-one better understands the importance of movement and its relationship to both physical and mental health than Direct Healthcare Group, especially when the need to move directly affects our quality of daily living. Through this understanding, and close collaboration with healthcare professionals, we strive to provide effective, movement-based solutions that increase life-quality across care and living environments.

From effective prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers, to promoting safe independence and avoiding patient falls, our solutions support care delivery to a broad patient spectrum, including those with complex, long term conditions. At Direct Healthcare Group we uniquely enable the healthcare challenges associated with reduced patient movement to be anticipated, managed, and in many cases, resolved to support care providers and those they care for.

All leading to better health outcomes, accelerated recovery and easier daily living.

Our Brands

Intelligent Pressure Care Management

Direct Healthcare Services specialises in the manufacturing of pressure area care solutions with a comprehensive portfolio of innovative, award-winning products including mattresses, cushions and overlays.
With significant experience in the provision of clinically proven, value for money solutions, customers benefit from a combination of innovative pressure care technologies, designed in partnership with leading clinical and healthcare establishments.
In 2016, Direct Healthcare Services’ Intelligent Pressure Care Management won the prestigious Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Innovation following the introduction of the Dyna-Form® Mercury Advance; a keystone hybrid mattress.

Wheelchair Seating Solutions

Qbitus Products is the UK’s leading supplier of bespoke pressure relieving cushions to the NHS and wider community.

Specialist Seating Solutions

Established in 1981, Kirton has been a leading manufacturer of specialist seating solutions for over 37 years. Now, we uniquely combine our award winning pressure care with specialist seating solutions to provide the user with excellent postural management and clinically proven pressure cushions. Our extensive range of specialist seats offers comfort and support for individuals with mid-level postural needs, complex postural requirements and neurological conditions; as well as a specialist kids range designed with home use in mind.

Rental & Service Solutions

Nightingale provides over 20 years’ experience in the provision of specialist bariatric equipment and support. We offer a 24/7/365 rental service encompassing bariatric handling equipment, bariatric pressure care and specialist seating. With a network of nationwide service centres, we work closely with healthcare professionals to ensure our solutions are reliable, safe and effective. We have our own fleet of adapted delivery vehicles and our teams not only deliver equipment solutions but provide all necessary equipment training, and when required provide on-site support during patient transfer. Our ProServe® Technical Services provides you with our premier quality technical support for the wide range of products your hospital or equipment service have on-site.

Safe Moving & Handling

SystemRoMedic has extensive heritage in the safe movement and handling of users across the spectrum of care environments. Providing solutions for lifting systems and manual transfer aids, the SystemRoMedic brand enables safer working ergonomics for the carer, whilst providing clinical effectiveness for the user. The clinical focus of the SystemRoMedic looks to release more time back to care by providing a highly-experienced, trained moving & handling team who can assess for the most appropriate moving, handling, specialist seating, in-bed or out-of-bed solution to provide effective care.

Bathroom Safety Solutions

Renowned for more than 80 years, Linido bathroom safety solutions provide increased independence, safety and comfort in bathrooms, showers and toilet areas across private and public environments, as well as in hospitals. LinidoSolutions is a wide range of safe, practical, durable and ergonomic aids with modern design; creating accessible, safe and aesthetic bathrooms.
Our bathroom safety products are extensively tested for their functionality, including safety testing as well as ergonomic use and comfort, to ensure to comfort of safety every day.

The complete range provide users in any bathroom or toilet situation with as much autonomy as possible.



Direct Healthcare Services is founded, designing and manufacturing ‘best value’ pressure area care solutions.


DHS recognised as the 17th fastest growing business in the UK, attributed to an innovative approach in supporting NHS Trusts.



Asia Pacific Offices Opened in Perth, Australia.


Direct Healthcare Group are awarded an Investors in People Award.


Recognised by MediWales for the Dyna-Form® Static Air HZ mattress which conforms to a profiling bed
with no loss of mattress length to avoid the problem of heel pressure ulcers.



DHS announces partnership with the Welsh Wound Innovation Centre, a global centre of excellence in wound prevention and treatment.


The Static Air HZ wins the New Product Award at the Insider Media Business and Education Partnership Awards.



Direct Healthcare Group opens its dedicated education facility, the Intelligent Academy, at its head office in Caerphilly.

Intelligent Pressure Care Management wins Queen’s Award for Innovation.



Nightingale, a leading bariatric solutions provider, becomes part of the Direct Healthcare Group.



Kirton Healthcare, a leading specialist seating manufacturer, becomes part of the Direct Healthcare Group.



Direct Healthcare Group Achieves an Investors in People Gold Award.



Direct Healthcare Group acquires the highly regarded Transflo cushion brand



Direct Healthcare Group acquires Qbitus Products, the UK’s leading supplier of bespoke pressure relieving cushions to the NHS and wider community.



Direct Healthcare Group acquires Poshchair Medical Ltd, a bariatric equipment specialist provider located in Southampton.



Direct Healthcare Group acquire Handicare’s Patient Handling division in Europe and Rest of World markets, reinstating the brands SystemRoMedic and LinidoSolutions as DHG’s Safe Moving & Handling and Bathroom Safety Solution divisions.