Bariatric Floor Bed (300kg SWL)

The EN9000KS bariatric floor bed is a fully profiling bed frame offering the lowest bariatric frame height currently

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XXL Xpress Bariatric Care Bed (270kg SWL)

Xpress XXL Medical Bariatric Bed

The XXL Xpress medical bariatric bed combines both the form of a modern design with the functionality needed to

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Aerys Hi-Lo Community Bed (230kg SWL)

The Aerys Hi-Lo bariatric bed combines safety and comfort A low bed position of ± 245 cm reduces the

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Olympia Bariatric Expandable Bed (500kg SWL)

The Olympia Bariatric width-adjustable, profiling bariatric bed frame is fully compliant to the latest hospital bed standards It

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Lago Hi-Lo Acute Care Bed (230kg SWL)

The Lago Hi-Lo Acute Care Bed is a perfect symbiosis of safety and comfort A low bed position of

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