Transflo Cushion

Product Code Standard: CUS0910000 Leisure: CUS0920000 Heavy Duty: CUS0930000

The Transflo Cushion has been innovatively designed using a combination of high density foam and a unique silicone gel ‘floatation’ system. Incorporating two fluid-filled, vapour-permeable, multi-stretch sacs that are encased within a supportive, heavy duty foam surround; the fluid is able to move between compartments as the cushion contours to the body’s shape and position, redistributing pressure over the widest surface area possible. The gel cushion’s design encourages the user to sit in a neutral pelvic tilt. The cooling gel surface assists pressure ulcer management by providing a minor reduction of the skin surface temperature. This product is suitable for users considered to be at “Very High Risk” of pressure ulcer development.

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