Seating Awareness Days

2020 Seating Awareness Days

Led by Kirton OT ambassador Ellie Burcher, our free of charge Seating Awareness Day offers expert insight and guidance into the principles of seating, assessing for complex seating needs and the opportunity to discuss clinical cases and try the Kirton range of specialist seating solutions.

Please email for more information and to receive your booking form on your selected location.

2020 Education Calendar

29th April, 2020 – Sheffield
3rd June, 2020 – Wiltshire
1st July, 2020 – Manchester
23rd September, 2020 – Oxford
7th October, 2020 – Newcastle
28th October, 2020 – Liverpool
4th November, 2020 – NE London

For more information about our OT ambassador  Ellie Burcher, visit EJB Therapy